World Cup 2018 and Bundle insights: Advicement Aggressive Bundle

Posted by Standwa Nongauza

Jul 6, 2018 12:36:28 PM


One doesn't simply go into Russia to conquer.
There's probably a meme on the internet making a case to that effect, with good reason. Russia have proved themselves a force to be reckoned with in the passed stages of the World Cup, having caused an upset during the Round of 16 in their defeat of Spain. 

This story reminds me of a bundle in the EasyEquities platform, namely Advicement's Aggresive Bundle. Like the Russian National Team, they have come into the asset management stage without much hype, a young team, and are packing a punch in the way they have set up tactically. 

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South African Listed Tracker Funds Awards ("SALTA")

Posted by Shaun Keeling

Jun 14, 2018 4:25:34 PM


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CoreShares Global Dividend Aristocrats ETF

Posted by Waylon Smit

Jan 31, 2018 8:22:17 AM


We love ETFs here at EasyEquities, and we are very pleased to welcome a new member to the ETF family, the Global Dividend Aristocrats ETF (Exchange Traded Fund). A lot of you have asked about dividends and how you can invest in companies that pay them out so you can grow your wealth even quicker; so if that’s you or if you're just an #ETFNerd like I am, you might like this ETF too! 

This ETF is available on our platform as an IPO (Initial public offering - if you're not sure what that is, scroll down for our #easy explanation) and will list on the Johannesburg Stock Exhange on the 22 February 2018. It's also going to be available in your TFSA account - a bonus seeing that we're nearing the end of the tax year so you might be looking to top yours up before 28 Feb. The ETF cost, known as TER (Total expense Ratio), will be an expected 0.60% with management fees of 0.35%

Check out what our friends at CoreShares have to say about this new ETF.

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