The Story of Tesla

Posted by Carly Barnes

Aug 2, 2017 10:16:48 AM


Tesla, the US electric car company led by homegrown SA talent Elon Musk, recently stole the spotlight in our #thatsnotmyname competition on Twitter. You are crazy for this stock, which has experienced a few peaks and dips since it went public in 2010. 

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The Rise and Rise of Nvidia

Posted by Standwa Nongauza

Jul 27, 2017 1:59:35 PM


We have noticed that there was a lot of love for Nvidia on our Twitter feed. That is why we've decided to highlight Nvidia; a tech company which specializes in chip manufacturing and graphics processor development. Their products have featured in the world's most recognized brands, like Sony, Microsoft, LG, and Toyota. With this is mind, we definitely get why some of you tech lovers were excited about this stock.

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Topics: Listed Companies, Investing, Tech, US Stocks, #playintheusa

Crowd Sourced Stock Picks: What Other Yousers are Investing In

Posted by Carly Barnes

Jun 22, 2017 8:43:25 PM


The power of the collective – it’ been written about and studied for ages. It’s how a lot of people, living in a fast-paced connected world, are able to gain perspective from a wide range of opinions and ideas and use it to make more refined, quicker decisions. It’s how Indigogo creates funding opportunities for entrepreneurs, how Amazon helps you decide what book you might like to read next, or how Spotify’s Discover Weekly totally knows your kind of musical jam and serves it to you without you even having to look for it. It’s curation at scale, based on behavior.

The same goes for investors.

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Are you on the “encentivized” program?!

Posted by Joshua Nuttall

Apr 28, 2016 1:21:27 PM

You may have noticed that we joined forces with a staff rewards loyalty tool called Encentivize! If you missed the news, don’t stress the #Easy team has that covered!

Check out the full article here, our Head of Marketing (Almero Oosthuizen) explains all the nuts and bolts.

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Topics: Listed Companies, loyalty, encentivized, People, shares

The Power of Ownership...

Posted by Carly Barnes

Apr 18, 2016 12:00:00 PM

Loyalty programmes are the business. Customers get to cash in on rewards – be it free merch or spend opportunities – while companies keep their clients happy and coming back for more.  It’s a sweet deal for everyone. But Almero Oosthuizen, head of Marketing at The Purple Group, says that there is even more of this win win value to be had in loyalty programmes which offer their users share ownership as a reward. EasyEquities brings this value to the table.  

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Topics: Listed Companies, Staff, loyalty, People, shares


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