Michele Sparkes takes the drivers seat on investing

Posted by Shaun Keeling

Feb 7, 2017 8:50:44 AM

Six months ago, mom, TV producer, adventurer and bridge playing queen Michele Sparkes received her divorce settlement and faced an important decision as to what the best way would be to look after her funds. It was then that the 57-year-old discovered EasyEquities and was able to get her money in the market as well as set up Tax Free Savings Accounts for her kids.

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Valentine Madzhie hopes to live stress free and watch his money grow!

Posted by Shaun Keeling

Feb 6, 2017 9:49:49 AM

Valentine Madzhie is a 25-year-old artist manager and IT infrastructure assistant. He likes watching football, interacting on social media and reading books. 

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Topics: How to get wealthy with Easy Equities, Investing, Investor Spotlight, savings

Bryan and Michelle Stewart are saving for their future are you?

Posted by Shaun Keeling

Feb 2, 2017 12:18:04 PM

Bryan and Michelle Stewart – both in their very-very early 30s – recently got married and have a very strong commitment to saving for their future.

"My parents started teaching me about saving and investments when I was quite young," says Michelle. "Each month a portion of our allowance was put into an equities savings account."

Bryan's investment journey started more recently, in 2012, when he started his first job after finishing varsity.

"I needed to build up some cash and found that investing in equities was the best way to grow my money," he says. 

We asked Bryan and Michelle some questions about their investments, to see how their answers correlate with each other. Here's what they said…

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Investing is for anyone, including Waylon Smit

Posted by Waylon Smit

Jan 26, 2017 1:35:39 PM


From a young age, 31 year-old consultant Waylon Smit knew he wanted to make saving and investing a part of his life. But saving in the normal fixed deposit space with a bank did not provide him with the growth he was looking for. Two years ago he signed on with EasyEquities, bought his first JSE listed share and now manages his own portfolio. When he’s not playing Rugby and promoting LGBT inclusiveness in sport; or spending time with family and friends; Waylon watches as his investment and knowledge in the stock market continues to grow.

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Topics: How to get wealthy with Easy Equities, Investing, Investor Spotlight, savings

3 easy steps to help you survive and thrive post pay day

Posted by Charles Savage

Sep 1, 2016 1:51:37 PM

Why do we work?

We work to earn a pay check which we spend on two things: Survival (the things we absolutely need), and Thrival (the rest). Somewhere between the two we often forget to set aside a portion of our earnings for the most important investment there is: ourselves. And the magic number here is 15%. If you were to invest 15% of your salary each month and get a moderate to average return, in just 15 years you’d be able to replace 100% of your income. Your money would be working for you instead of you for it!

Let’s be honest – forming good habits takes time, and 15% can seem like a very big ask initially. That’s why I always tell people to start with just 1%. Increase your income by 1% or cut down your spend by 1% each month and in a year you’ll find it a lot easier to crank that up a few notches. Better yet, don’t give yourself the opportunity to second guess it. Set up a recurring investment so it automatically goes off of your account each month!

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