Hashtags. #JustSaying

Posted by Carly Barnes

Jul 29, 2016 10:30:00 AM

Do you know about the hashtag feature on our site? Hashtags are a way for you to organise a bunch of shares you like into categories or themes to make finding them easier. Here’s a quick video to show you how to set up a good hashtag:

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Topics: Tools

Cloudy with a chance of social sentiment?

Posted by Carly Barnes

May 10, 2016 4:51:41 PM

What’s the first thing you do when you are looking to buy something specific? I know what I do. I hop online and have a look at what people are saying about it. I scan my Facebook or Twitter feed to see who is using what, at what price and how they feel about it.

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Topics: Investment Research, Tools, social, sentiment, shares

Let the Easy Team guide you on your investment journey

Posted by Joshua Nuttall

Sep 3, 2015 1:59:00 PM

Let’s be honest, even experienced investors need some hand-holding every now and then. So where does that leave the novice?

If you’re new to investing – or even if you’ve got a bit of experience and a nice portfolio – you have to admit that a bit of guidance is always welcome. Perhaps you are overwhelmed by the amount of choice faced by today’s investor, or confused by the financial terms you see on the EasyEquities platform? Or maybe you simply don’t know where to start.
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Topics: Investing, Tools


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