Dividends for the win!

Posted by Carly Barnes

Sep 27, 2016 3:15:14 PM

Everybody likes getting the news that they’ve got some dividends on the way! (Yes please!) As you may know by now, a dividend is a sharing out of a portion of a company's profits to its shareholders. Warren Buffett, a super smart and rich investor (big deal), likes investing in dividend paying companies and then re-investing his dividends to boost his returns. Some people prefer to use dividend pay-outs as a way to earn passive income; getting little chunks of money throughout the year that they can supplement their income with (ehem, Christmas presents?). 

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The deal on dividends. Word.

Posted by Carly Barnes

Apr 28, 2016 4:25:16 PM

I can’t think about the word ‘dividends’ without a P Diddy baseline or a Jay Z beat thumping through my head. If anyone knows how to put their money where their mouths are it’s these lyrical masters and hip hop tycoons.

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