US Tech start ups, Are They Hot or Not?

Posted by Carly Barnes

Jul 12, 2017 3:05:31 PM


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Topics: Investing, shares, Startups, Tech, US Stocks, #playintheusa

Berkshire Hathaway is Not Just a Textile Company

Posted by Standwa Nongauza

Jul 11, 2017 3:50:39 PM


Now we all know of Warren Buffett.
Even if you are not an investor yourself, you would have heard of the greatest investor of our time I’m pretty sure.
If on the very odd occasion you haven’t heard of him, here’s some info on him.

While Warren certainly is a legend, we’re keen to highlight the business, not just the man.

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Topics: Investing, shares, How to Invest like Warren Buffett, US Stocks, #playintheusa

Life after SABMiller

Posted by Carly Barnes

Oct 12, 2016 9:58:05 AM

South African Breweries, SA’s largest brewing and bottling company, has officially been absorbed into AB Inbev, the largest brewer in the world. We posed a few questions to Nilan Morar, head trader at South Africa’s top stockbroking company*, Purple Group, about what this means for the brand and its listing on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange. 

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Topics: JSE, shares, delisting

Accéntuate’s got heart!

Posted by Carly Barnes

Jul 27, 2016 9:26:33 AM

Accéntuate is one of the many companies you can buy shares in on EasyEquities – so how much do you know about them? They are up to some very clever cool stuff.

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Topics: shares, partnerships

What does unbundling have to do with lemonade?

Posted by Carly Barnes

May 25, 2016 11:36:58 AM

When I was a lighty my best friend and I were budding entrepreneurs. Every Saturday morning we’d set up shop at the bottom of one of our parents’ driveways to ply our wares – mine being homemade lemonade and his, cricket player fan cards. For real – like a scene out of a movie. And believe it or not, we actually made some lekker pocket money! (I was saving up to buy Ultra Hair Barbie and he had major expansion plans for his Lego collection). But soon enough we realised that our mutual venture required a different focus from each of us.

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