Accéntuate’s got heart!


Accéntuate is one of the many companies you can buy shares in on EasyEquities – so how much do you know about them? They are up to some very clever cool stuff.

Accéntuate supplies products and solutions to the flooring, maintenance, cleaning, metal treatment and water treatment industry. A supersized feat in itself! Think about it… what would we do without that stuff? Especially in light of the recent droughts we’ve had in SA (El Niño hit us for a six on that one), the treatment of water – and people having access to enough of it - is majorly important. Financial mail reckons Accéntuate’s water endeavours and its recent joint venture with global water purification bigwig Ion Exchange India, Ion Exchange Safic, gives the company a kind of X-factor. Read more on that here.

Further to that niceness, did you know that if you buy Accéntuate shares on EasyEquities they somme sponsor the minimum investment costs on your transaction? Just when you thought things couldn’t get cheaper, they swoop in and do just that. They are the first to offer this to our you-sers, but watch this space – you may see a lot more hearts like this popping up on our site. Feel the love!


Likewise, we’re making it even easier for Accéntuate fans to own shares in the company. When they visit the Accéntuate website, they’ll see a banner inviting them to buy shares, which is done on our platform – Easy! The love works both ways.