Being Consistent and Committed with David Levinsohn


Consistency and Commitment 

Consistency and Commitment are just two principles that may be rewarding in the long term amid our current period of uncertainty.

Despite the uncertainties that have come into effect since the global pandemic started, remaining consistent and committed is what has kept David Levinsohn going.

“Invest what little that you have," he says, something he has always kept in mind – and what he has done himself through saving from a young age. 

Apart from being in the entertainment industry full-time, David Levinsohn is also an intern at a real estate company. For him, investing for the future is not about putting millions aside today, but purely starting – buying your first share and being consistent in your investment habits.

David’s path to establishing a diversified portfolio to store his wealth came once he started his investment journey in shares, ETFs and property.

"I have been a fan of EasyEquities from the moment I came across one of its ads, which explained to me how easy it is to start investing under my own rules at no minimums,” he says.

Some of David’s shares include:

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on EasyEquities

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African Rainbow: The company is well-diversified, with its mining operations. It always comes up first alphabetically and I like the logo😉

Implats: Given its current portfolio, I love this company because of its exposure to commodities such as platinum, palladium, rhodium and many more.

Cashbuild: People need to build stuff. Hopefully, they will continue to buy the building material and more from Cashbuild 🤔.

Discovery: In my opinion, this company has too many products and fancy innovations going on not to succeed.

Speaking to his 13-year-old son about saving money for the future, one concerning aspect that Dave highlighted – which arises from his son’s response – is how as a society, we continue to emphasise saving for the future, yet we skip the part of investments such as shares, ETFs and many other investment opportunities, compared to interest rates from savings accounts in the long term.

To make investing easier – especially for someone with little knowledge around investing – David says one of the his strategies is looking at companies he is familiar with and brands that he engages with himself. When construction projects are happening around the area David lives in, he can take the opportunity to learn more about the company and find out whether it's listed.

"I look out for billboards of tech companies and I like to see who's adverting in newspapers or on YouTube."

David further added, "I fully understand the concept of 'time in the market' and not to 'time the market’. So my shares owned should all be dividend-producing because I'm not selling. However, my old FNB basket needed to be used to survive when the pandemic arrived. So I've had to start again.

"Besides what you hear on the news, I don't have enough knowledge about overseas products and shares, so I only invest locally for now."


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CoreShares S&P500 ETF and Satrix Top 40 are two of David's main investments, where he contributes most of his monthly savings. He invests together with his son, who uses EasyEquities to save some of his pocket money and be consistent.

"The rest of my shares are all in EasyProperties because I used to be a property owner and was burned by horrible tenants. Now I prefer to own a small percentage of many properties and let Purple Group deal with the tenants. Easy peasey!" he adds.

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David also described how he is known among his circle of colleagues, friends and family for being the one person to speak firmly about the importance of investing. And aside from the current mayhem in the markets, he adds, "New investors need to ask themselves what are they waiting for? It's easy, and it's fun. Even though I'm down by 20%, I keep the shares and take advantage of opportunities to buy the dip when it reaches my target price.

"Now is the time to buy more shares and ETFs – because they are so damn cheap! Why keep getting 4% at a bank, plus fees, for the long term? Rather make an investment that you can keep and may be more rewarding in the future."

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