Consistency, a Finance Secret They Don't Tell You About


As a young person working in the investment space, and investing via EasyEquities, I have learned quite a bit in such a short space of time. Some were quick lessons, like never put your eggs in one basket or else Markus Jooste will drop that basket. The not-so-fast lessons learned include the value of consistency. 

A quick Google search will show you that this, and other variants of the term, is one of the more reliable ingredients to generating wealth in the markets. Consistency requires a cool head and a strategic plan (for someone like me, a really simple strategy that can be continued without much of a conscious effort). 
So how can you be consistent with your investment approach?

Get Social

Be curious about the markets and look at news and insights regularly. Social media and the internet have made it all simpler to do because the world is at your finger tips.

You can have a look at the EasyEquities Research Portal for starters (it's always there, and free) for one. On social media, you can follow pages and profiles like JustOneLap and the rest of the their team for regular tidbits, articles and podcasts on the markets. You can also follow notable social media profiles and organisations for insights, like you Nicolette Mashile and David Shapiro, or Kid Kapital and Visual Capitalist for international market insights.

Set up a Recurring Investment

By setting up a recurring investment debit order from your personal bank into your available EasyEquities account, you don't have to think too hard about your savings routine. This allows you to chill out knowing that your savings are going off of your personal account and into your investments. Little hassle and fuss. 

Set Up a Recurring Investment

You can choose to set up a R-I into your favourite stocks and instruments; if you are someone who likes consistent returns on your investments then check out the biggest dividend paying stocks on the JSE. These are available in your EasyEquities ZAR account. But if you appreciate of feeling out the markets as they go, then set up a recurring investment into your account, where the funds will remain until the time you decide to make a purchase. 

Have fun

My favourite ingredient in producing consistency is to find the fun in whatever you do. If anything feels labourious and like a chore, then it's hard to maintain it over the long run. Start by having fun when it comes to your investments, and you will find it to be a nice habit once you get into the groove of it all. Social media, the internet, and engagement, are now a part of this journey in the investment space. Take your money seriously, but don't let your financial growth get boring. There's serious fun to be had in the markets.


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