EasyEquities makes the BAI finals


We're proud to announce that EasyEquities has made it in the finals for the BAI Global Innovation Awards!!

Now while we're going wild at the offices, eager to hear the results on the final outcome of these awards, we'd like to highlight why this particular accolade means so much to us. 

These particular awards are for global partners. Innovative companies from all over the world are considered and highlighted. FNB won an innovation award in 2012 and have shown tremendous growth since then. Just to be considered innovative by our peers is very cool, but it is also for the particular field we are being nominated for that makes the difference for us.

We are up for the Societal and Community Impact award
While we are in the financial services field, our culture at EasyEquities has always been about community and the democratization of investing, and the financial markets. Our CEO Charles Savage makes a point of this in his talks quite frequently because financial inclusivity is something South Africa needs, badly.

Community and innovation are the very reason why EasyEquities exists, why we are so passionate about what we do here. While we do hope to get the award, we are already proud of our growing client base, and the potential societal impact of fun, cheap and easy investing for all.

Read the full story on our nomination here