EasyVSTRs lend a hand to the CHOC Childhood Cancer Foundation South Africa


Through 'Donate for Good', EasyVSTRs can now lend a hand to the CHOC Childhood Cancer Foundation South Africa, an organisation advocating for the inclusion, empowerment and well-being of children diagnosed with cancer. Supporting CHOC is 44-year-old Johannesburg ultra runner Mike Sewell, who on 9 August 2022 will attempt to run 20 Comrades ultra-marathons in 20 days in aid of CHOC

“Inspired by the chance to make a real impact on the lives of children confronting cancer, he wants to try again and says he is wiser than he was four years ago.” You can read more on the Long Road to Comrades V2.0 here.

Explaining in more detail, the organisation added that “CHOC is a non-profit organisation made up of caring, committed and passionate people who stand up for and support the well-being of children and teenagers diagnosed with cancer or life-threatening blood disorders, as well as their families. 

"We offer psychosocial, emotional and practical support as we augment the different medical fraternities.” 

CHOC has thousands of children in its care and (to date) has helped 1435 families receive psychosocial support. To those in need of support and assistance, CHOC aims to be the leading organisation in South Africa, with a mission to “improve early detection and the facilitation of effective treatment.” 

CHOC's core values are made up of advocacy, awareness and comprehensive child and family support.
To ensure in-depth and adequate care for children and teens living with cancer, CHOC advocates for the cause of childhood cancer while influencing decisions makers both locally and internationally. The organisation drives public awareness around childhood cancer, with its awareness programme assisting in early childhood detection and diagnosis. They are constantly striving toward "improving the survival rate of children with cancer or a life-threatening blood disorder”. 

The assistance that CHOC provides extends beyond physical treatment, including both the emotional and practical support that is vital for their well-being. “The psychosocial team bring much-needed support to children, parents and family members, as well as providing support to the medical and nursing staff.”

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