EasyVSTRs reaching out to the homeless


With Donate for Good exploring more ways for EasyVSTRs to contribute to society, this time around, we reach out to Johannesburg Homelessness Network as part of the journey to invest while doing good ✊.

Who is Johannesburg Homelessness Network (JHN) 🤔

The Johannesburg Homelessness Network (JHN) is an organization that, according to the CEO Mary Gillett-de Klerk, has various NGOs working in the homeless service sector and academics, legal and affordable housing sectors. The organization was established in 2018 and registered in 2019 as an NPO, following the establishment of the National Homeless Network in 2017. It is also an initiative of the Johannesburg Inner-City Partnership (JICP).

Beyond advocacy, JHN is also a service delivery organization; the organization has a mission to end homelessness across the city of Johannesburg to support and pilot initiatives within the region in a sustainable manner. Operations of the JHN are spread across the area with a footprint in the inner-city as well as across the suburbs.

To break down some of the historical events, Mary Gillett-de Klerk said that, in 2020, “JHN Established the Johannesburg Homeless Task Team with city officials at the start of the lockdown to address the problem in a coordinated manner, working together with communities and churches to establish temporary shelters.

In 2021, JHN worked together with the department of social development to develop the first provincial policy on street homelessness.

With the organization continuing to make strides in the media and groundwork through collaboration, both the private and public sectors, Mary explains that: “In the short to medium term, the JHN plans to open an office this year and to establish at least one drop in day centre and one safe space.

“Over the next 2 - 3 years, the JHN hopes to establish a number of drop-in day centres, overnight safe spaces, shelters with skills development programmes, and transitional housing, which will be dependent on funding.”

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