Fractional Share Rights - A little recap!


At EasyEquities, one of our unique offerings is the ability you have to partake in Fractional Share Rights. This means that you can purchase a portion of an equity at your preferred price. You can then invest at a pace that suits you, working your way up to full-equity increments.

Thanks to this, now you never have to leave money out of the market! Usually trading on a securities exchange can only occur in whole shares. This can be a very inefficient way of doing things, because sometimes the money you have left in your account is not enough to buy a single share - the share could cost R100, yet R90 remains standing unused in your account.

But with Fractional Share Rights, now you can utilise all your money, down to the last Rand. This increases the ability to diversify your portfolio and maximise on every investment opportunity, regardless of your budget!