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The world is changing, are you part of it? 

When you put on a pair of Nike trainers and Under Armour workout gear, drink a Monster Energy drink, play FIFA18 (Electronic Arts) or Call of Duty (Activision Blizzard) have you ever thought, “if only I can buy the companies that make this stuff?”

Galileo Capital under the guidance of Warren Ingram and Theo Vorster have created the Galileo Next World Portfolio to help you invest in the brands you love.

This is what Warren Ingram has to say about the Next World Portfolio.

“Rather than just create a portfolio of the world’s most popular brands, we wanted to create a great, long-term portfolio for private investors who love the brands that are changing our World. We felt it was important to find companies that had a good investment case and match them with a quality, low-cost ETF that invests in thousands of companies and bonds across the world. That means investors get a combination of a balanced global portfolio in one ETF combined with 20 great companies that are building our future.”

This is certainly not a portfolio filled with stodgy old-world businesses, these are companies that are growing rapidly. If they perform well, returns are likely to be great however the balanced ETF provides a great shock absorber if things don’t work out.

Buy your Managed Portfolio (Bundle) here. (Note you will have to be logged into the USD account when using the link)

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