How to Pay Zero Brokerage on your Investments

Refer and Thrive

When it comes to our EasyEquties family (yep we said it, you guys are family to us!), we’re downright lucky. We have an ever expanding community of fans that are growing in their investment journeys, singing our praises to anyone who will listen and helping us shake up the status quo on what it means to be an investor.

This is what gets us up in the morning, and motivates us to deliver even more of the stuff you love. And who doesn’t love free stuff? As a way of saying thanks for being a rockstar, and to help you continue growing and leveling up as an investor, here is how you can work your way to paying zero brokerage on your investments:

Refer and Earn

To refer people and take advantage of the opportunity to earn EasyMoney, log in to your EasyEquities Account and click on the 'Share the Love' option in the top right of the horizontal navigation menu. When a friend signs up and completes their account profile, we’ll send them some investment spend to start their investment journey right away. After they've completed their first investment, you'll be rewarded with EasyMoney which will be offset against broker commission when you invest in your ZAR account.

We know that sometimes referrals happen when you’re standing around a braai or chatting to a friend who wants to sign up right then and there! So you can also give your EE number to the person you are referring and request that they enter it into the "Referred to EasyEquities" field on tab 2 of the online registration.


How to Refer


In the first month that you register an EasyEquities account you are automatically a member of our loyalty programme, Thrive. This means you pay zero brokerage on the Thrive50, the most popular 50 stocks or ETFs in our community. To keep Thriving and maintain this Zero Brokerage Benefit beyond the month you register in, you’ll need to complete the monthly Thrive Activity. Thrive Activities are designed to help you learn more, earn more and help us grow our community of investors.

In addition to this, and because share ownership is the ultimate form of loyalty, you also need to be a Purple Group Shareholder. Purple Group is our holding company, you can read more about us here.

All you need to know about being a Thrivalist, Thrive Activities and maintaining your Thrive Brokerage Benefit can be found right here:


How to Thrive