Ingham, Hogg update their EasyEquities portfolios – Doubling up on Naspers

8 May.png

8 May.pngAs you’ll hear from this podcast, there’s a major change in the Biznews SA Champions portfolio offered as a Bundle by EasyEquities. One of the laggards, Blue Label Telecoms, has been dumped with the allocation switched across to Naspers doubling the 8% we invested in the media giant. In this interview with Mark Ingham, I explain the reasons for the change and go into some depth on the Biznews SA Champions portfolio and the two that are run by the highly rated independent analyst. Mark Ingham. A must listen for the hundreds who have used the innovative EasyEquities facility which lets you invest in these Bundles and Baskets alongside us for only R250 at a time. – Alec Hogg

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