🎙 Listen: Investing Trends For 2022 with Graeme Codrington

Investing Trends For 2022 with Graeme Codrington

Being a global citizen might be hard work but becoming an international investor is, well, Easy.

Notwithstanding how simple it is to navigate EasyEquities, we have insights from Graeme Codrington on understanding the global trends shaping markets today, giving you the opportunity to invest in the future.
Graeme is a Futurist, author, and founding director of strategic insights company: Tomorrow Today. He joined Dj @ Large in the Easy Does It studio to chat to us about the global trends and economic events shaping international and domestic markets.


With the way markets, labour workflows, and entire economies are being re-written in front of our eyes, the savvy investor could be looking for ways to take advantage of these global changes.


It’s all about how we analyse trends🤓
The chat with Graeme traversed across traditional investment classes to digital currencies as we talked about the property market and how the pandemic has driven workers out of being office-bound among other trends in real estate, while we also got his take on crypto and the blockchain.
To kickstart the two-part chat, we began with the events and consequences of the Ukraine war on South African markets and consumers.



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