Investing via the Capitec widget just got 'Instantly' easier


Our community of Capitec investors has been waiting with baited breath for the ability to fund their EasyEquities accounts via the widget, instantly. Who wants to wait to get their money moving in the market? No one.

That’s why we’re especially excited about the Instant Buy and Instant Transfer functionality which is now available on the EasyEquities widget.

Need for speed

Making use of the Immediate Transfer option means you’ll be able to fund your EasyEquities ZAR or TFSA account right away. There’s no need to wait 2 days for your money to land in your account.

Read more about Immediate Transfers here.

Go direct

You’ll also now have the ability to invest using funds directly from your Capitec bank account. Just. Like. That.

This means you don’t need to first fund your EasyEquities account, before you make an investment. We’ve cut out that step to allow you to invest right away.

Read more about Immediate Buys here.

I’m happy to take it #easy

The ability to transfer or invest immediately carries an R8 charge from Capitec – a slice of the price charged by other service providers for an instant deposit. However, if you’re happy to wait the 2 working days for your funds to appear in your EasyEquities account, you’ll still have the option to do so. You would then only incur the R1 charged by Capitec, on regular transfers.

If you haven’t started using the Capitec widget, you’re missing out on 20% discount on brokerage as well as nifty new features like these… and there’s so much more to come.

Link your EasyEquities account and invest even faster, easier and cheaper. That’s how we roll.