Investor of the week: Eunice Fourie


Eunice Fourie. 34. mother/cook/digital designer

I am a complete novice when it comes to investing. In fact, I have no clue. I spend most of my free time honing my egg-poaching skills or pretending that I’m a Pentaceratops running away from a fierce T-Rex. Besides, common sense dictates that you need bucket-loads of money to invest well. As a graphic designer getting on in years, I don’t have that stash of cash. This was a game for my accountant and lawyer friends.

Late last year I was introduced to EasyEquities by a colleague who deliriously spoke of its ease when it comes to trading equities. “What are equities?” I asked. There are no stupid questions. Being a User Experience design aficionado, I signed up, FICA'd my account, popped R500 that was a gift into it and let it rest a little while I played around with the Demo money. A typical miser, realising that I could spend any amount I pleased on any company that’s listed on the JSE settled the nerves. I could purchase bits of companies that I understood or liked. The added feature of accessing news and Google Finance data on the selected company helps the purchasing decision too. 

It really is something anyone can do. Within the entire process, the account registration is the most demanding (and it’s comparatively simple). It’s also quite trying to not get upset when my stocks show losses; this is a long-term strategy…like the Monopoly game that lasted the entire June school holiday back in the day.

My investment goal is to purchase the tried and tested equities. At least, that’s the basis when I make my own buying decisions on this fabulous platform. To grow my portfolio, I follow the HotStocks recommendations from Paul Theron in the “Investment of the Day” mails. I’m positive he knows better than me. I also keep track of business news and blunders on 702. Not obsessively, but I pay more attention now than ever before.

My next step will be to invest in the EasyEquities Tax Free Savings Account, where my accumulated investments won’t be taxed. Also, to encourage more skeptical friends to sign up as I so love being right :)