Investor of the week: Henchard Mashigo (27)


I am a BCOM Accounting graduate and that’s why I see finance from both a theoretical and practical perspective. I understand the value of money and spend only what I need and make sure the rest is safely tucked away at the bank for a rainy day.I was first exposed to equity investing via share schemes through my previous employer but it only truly came to life when I discovered EasyEquities through my girlfriend who works at the Purple Group.

Since joining I’ve never looked back. I am able to see my money work for me every day, and if it is not working for me – I can learn why. That’s a win-win situation. My favourite share is Purple Group being the best performing share in my portfolio and Shoprite being the most educational share. It’s taught me to look at the timing of buying a share instead of buying on the faith of the brand alone.

EasyEquities is a definite game changer. It gives many young people in South Africa that are not exposed to knowledge around investing, an opportunity to start building their wealth early.

My dreams of being an active trader are a thing of the past. Why deal with complicated graphs and charts when I can have it #easy.