Investor of the week: Palesa Lengolo (28)


I’ve always been good with saving money as long I can remember and before I even knew of investing. I started investing because I want the money that I work so hard for, to work for me! And to create wealth, not just for me but for generations to come.

We South Africans must start in our own homes to remedy poverty. Investing can eliminate poverty as it is a form of wealth-creation and financial freedom in the long-term. We need to have an investment culture throughout our lives in order to live comfortably, even at retirement.

My favourite thing about investing is owning a “piece” of my favourite brands and companies and profiting from that. My favourite share is SAB (and no, I don’t consume beer :). This share has a very consistent share price increase at about 0.52% currently. I like it because one can make money from it, easy!

Famous Brands and Purple Group (because of its awesome EasyEquities platform) are another two of my favourite local shares.

How do I pick shares? I use the easiest strategy – picking shares of companies I most consume and trust. And of course I choose according to performance and favourite brands.

My top tip for investors? Easy - go for companies you know, understand and trust. As Warren Buffet said “Don’t invest in something you don’t understand”.

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