Investor of the week: Tristan Savage


17 year old Tristan Charles Savage has been an active investor for the past five years, and has been an avid supporter of EasyEquities since it was born. We’ll let you in on a little secret. Tristan is one of the big inspirations that sparked the idea of EasyEquities. After having heard how he first got into investing, we were intrigued and just had to chat to him. Here’s his story.

I started investing at the age of 12 when my dad offered me a choice between an iPhone and an investment as a birthday present. At that age my first inkling was to go with the cellphone. But after my dad showed me the possibilities and returns I could achieve through investing if I started investing at that young age, (and the returns and results he explained did seem impossible; I’m talking 100s of millions) it’s safe to say I opted for the investment. I’d never thought you could get so much out of something so easy. It didn’t take much to woo me over. I mean who would choose something (a cellphone, in this instance) that is worth 1/3 of its original value a year later, versus something being worth millions in the future. Once I started, I had my sights set on what I wanted in my future, which obviously was to be rich ;)

I think it’s important for people, mainly the youth, to learn about investing as it provides them with a safety net for their future. They really don’t have to do anything other than make small sacrifices now e.g swap allowance/birthday money etc. for a more stable and secure future (financially.)

My favourite thing about investing? Earning money of course!

My favourite share is obviously Purple Group! No, but seriously, it’s because I know everyone there and I know how hard they all work in order to provide the best results for their company. I mean Warren Buffet once said, “Don’t invest in something you don’t understand.” This is basically what I follow when I invest in companies.

My top investment tip? I’d say just go with the companies you know and trust. Companies that sell products you love. Easy.

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