InvestSure protection in recent events


Did you know that currently EasyEquities is the only place in the world where you can protect your shares against management fraud?
While market volatility is natural, there have been instances of mismanagement where investors have lost money. Including notable instances involving EOH, STEINHOFF, MTN and RESILIENT.

In these rocky times you should check out InvestSure, a product available on our platform which provides significant protection against allegations of management fraud and dishonesty.

We have ‘run the numbers’ for you and have found that if you have an amount of money that would hurt you to lose, or more than 10% of your money invested in a single stock then InvestSure offers great value to you.

Find InvestSure in your “Account overview” screen, as below:

InvestSure Screen

Visit InvestSure for more information and FAQ’s.

P.S. – EOH shares currently trade for around R15 a share, down from over R32 per share on 29 January. InvestSure have saved insured clients from the pain of a loss of over 50%!

Safe Investing,
Shane Curran - InvestSure co-founder