It's not about surviving, it's about #Thriving

Thrive with Easy

Thrive's alive! 

EasyEquities is offering ZERO brokerage on the 50 most popular stocks bought by our EasyCommunity on the platform. That's 25 South African listed stocks, and 25 from the US. As if Easy couldn't get any cheaper and more inclusive, the game has been upped a notch through this fun initiative. 

The other big prize in this round of challenges (updated every quarter) is that Emperor Asset Management is giving away up to R500 000 in one lucky 'Thrivalist's' Tax-Free Savings Account. What makes this prize special is that it accomplishes the very thing that EasyEquities sets out to do in: financial inclusion, and in a big way. Imagine not having to worry too much about your savings goals because Emperor Asset will be doing that for you!

How will Emperor make this possible, with the R33 000 yearly limit?
They will deposit and manage the funds in your TFSA  each year (at R33 000 per year) until the lifetime limit (R500 000) is reached. 

To be part of this draw, a Thrive Member just needs to maintain their Thrivalist status by completing the challenges set out each month until the date of the draw on 27 October. The challenges are really simple to grasp and try, with maximum benefits at stake. Challenges will still continue into next year with other prizes up for grabs. 

See how to Thrive
Activate Your ZERO Brokerage Here

The Thrive campaign will run from September 2018 until September 2019. Check out the Elevator Pitch on Thrive, and why it means so much to the people at EasyEquities and the wider Purple Group.

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