Millennial - Future Investing Habits explored


Visual Capitalist recently did this awesome infographic to show what the investment habits of tomorrow's leaders would be, and currently is. 9800 millenials were surveyed across the USA, Canada and Europe and the results were pretty astonishing. Millennials are due to inherit the biggest wealth transfer in history over the next 30 years.

One thing that keeps popping up is the fact that young investors do not have the know how around investing and only 18.3% of the peeps surveyed has some confidence in their own ability to invest. According to a more recent study by Wealth101  there is a growing financial literacy problem in America, however, millennial investors were very clear on what was important to them, and it is low fees. 

Important to note that of the 4022 respondents who pick their own stock. 83% of them use online research to make decisions, 70% of them prefer to talk to a human and only 29% make use of Robo Advise. You can find our own research portal here.




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