Monthly Bundle review - July 2019

Bundles review - 2019

Every month we're going to bring you an update on the managed portfolios we have available on EasyEquities. As the co-pilot to your investments, the bundle is a unique EasyEquities product that gives investors a taste of managed portfolios from boutique asset managers. Bundles are categorised according to risk level, ranging from a spectrum of conservative portfolios to more aggressive vehicles. 

For this monthly review we are going to bring you the July performances of all bundles on our platform. Our legal eagles would have me by the scruff of the neck if I didn't remind our audience that the data below is based on past performances, and may not be indicative of future results. Disclaimer done, not check out the stats below:


These bundles represent the most conservative portfolios of the bunch, made up of constituents that are themed on generating fixed income (bonds, cash, REIT, etc).

Platform Manager Name July
TFSA Emperor Core Income 0.07%
ZAR Emperor Core Income 0.07%
ZAR #Invest Conservative Income -0.12%

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As in the risk category name, the below portfolios represent bundles that follow less aggressive strategies with constituents that are mostly focused on fixed income generation (roughly 75% made up of bonds and cash, with 25% made up of equities).

Platform Manager Name July
TFSA Emperor Enhanced Conservative -0.13%
ZAR Emperor Enhanced Conservative -0.13%
TFSA Emperor Core Conservative -0.31%
ZAR Emperor Core Conservative -0.31%
RA Emperor Enhanced Conservative -0.25%
RA Emperor Core Conservative -0.40%
ZAR #Invest Growth and Income -0.17%
ZAR IPM Stable Bundle -0.47%
RA Cannon Capital preservation -0.68%
TFSA Cannon Capital Preservation TFSA -0.68%
ZAR Cannon Capital Preservation -0.68%

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The middle child of bundle strategies, these portfolios strike more of a 50:50 balance between aggressive and conservative strategies. Splitting fixed income assets and instruments down the middle against equities, these bundles attempt to capture the 'best of both worlds' in the markets.

Platform Manager Name July
TFSA Emperor Enhanced Moderate -0.17%
ZAR Emperor Enhanced Moderate -0.17%
RA Emperor Enhanced Moderate 0.02%
TFSA Emperor Core Moderate -0.37%
ZAR Emperor Core Moderate -0.37%
RA Emperor Core Moderate -0.37%
ZAR IPM Moderate Bundle -0.82%

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IPM Moderate Bundle


This category focuses on bundles that combine the more volatile assets (equities) with conservative constituents that generate fixed income. With equities making up the bulk of constituents, these bundles tip more on the aggressive side of the spectrum.

Platform Manager Name July
ZAR OSA Growth and Income -0.08%
TFSA Emperor Enhanced Balanced -0.29%
ZAR Emperor Enhanced Balanced -0.29%
RA Emperor Enhanced Balanced -0.06%
TFSA Emperor Core Balanced -0.81%
ZAR Emperor Core Balanced -0.81%
TFSA Unum Capital Unum TFSA Portfolio -0.82%
RA Emperor Core Balanced -0.84%
TFSA Cannon Assertive Growth TFSA -0.71%
ZAR Cannon Assertive Growth  -0.52%
RA Cannon Balanced Growth -0.54%
TFSA Cannon Balanced Fund TFSA -0.85%
ZAR Cannon Balanced Growth -0.67%
ZAR #Invest Growth -0.39%
ZAR IPM Growth Bundle -1.19%
ZAR Unum Capital Unum 60 -0.14%
RA Cannon Balanced Active Growth -0.62%
ZAR Cannon Balanced  Growth -0.62%
RA Galileo Capital Balanced Income RA -1.25%
TFSA Galileo Capital Balanced Income TFSA -1.25%

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This group represents the portfolios that are purely concentrated on equity focused instruments. Representing bundles on the more aggressive side of the spectrum, these bundles are tailored toward investors with a higher appetite for risk and reward.

Platform Manager Name July
TFSA Emperor Core Flexible Equity -0.95%
ZAR Emperor Core Flexible Equity -0.95%
TFSA Emperor Enhanced Equity 0.04%
ZAR Emperor Enhanced Equity 0.04%
ZAR #Invest Aggressive Growth 1.14%
ZAR Emperor Shariah -1.75%
ZAR BizNews SA Champions -3.67%
ZAR SA Asset Managers Maximum Growth Portfolio -3.11%
ZAR Cannon Zande -0.35%
ZAR Validea Warren Buffett Bundle -2.90%

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These portfolios are based on internationally themed instruments, with offshore constituents dominating their respective constituents.

Platform Manager Name July
TFSA Emperor Core International 3.04%
ZAR Emperor Core International 3.04%
TFSA OSA Global ETF Bundle 3.03%
ZAR OSA Global ETF Bundle 3.03%
TFSA Cannon Global Growth TFSA 0.89%
ZAR Cannon Bidvest Growth 1.52%
ZAR Cannon Bidvest Stable Bundle 0.81%
ZAR Cannon Global Growth -0.67%

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Hopefully this guide not only helps you understand the different types of bundles and the overarching strategies, but acts as a resource to help you pick your own co-pilot. Stay tuned for next month's review, where we will cover Bundle performances for the month of August! 

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