Not your traditional AGM...


Once a year listed companies have an annual general meeting. As a shareholder you receive an invitation to these formal occasions… But how many of us end up gaining any value from an AGM or even attending for that matter? 

An interesting article appeared in the Twittersphere earlier this week. Alec Hogg an editor and publisher of wrote an article asking the question of “Are there any AGMs of JSE-listed companies worth attending”. A cool read if you have a second.

Alec asks a very relevant question. He highlights in the article that there are some disruptors in the conventional AGM space. The most stimulating AGMs that he has experience are where ‘the unusual happens’ and these are few and far between.

So why should you go to a JSE-listed company’s AGM? Well start by attending a company’s AGM that you are interested in and to use an EasyEquities phrase ‘one that you know and love’.

The Purple Group are having there AGM on 4th of December, we encourage all of our shareholders to join us. Charles Savage, the Group CEO will be talking about “No small measure of magic”. If you want to attend RSVP by clicking here. It promises to be the Funnest.AGM.Ever. 

If you aren’t able to make an AGM, you can access the results of the discussions on SENS. SENS announcements are available through Money Web. SENS is an abbreviation for Stock Exchange News Service, a service that provides the public with easy access to company announcements that may have a direct effect on the companies share in the market.

AGMs should not bore you or make you never want to attend another one ever again. Rather though AGMs should give you an insight into the company’s future and include you in the energy that the company is creating from your support.


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