Pay Zero Brokerage on Satrix ETFs on the Capitec Widget


When three likeminded fintech heavyweights come together for the greater good of helping even more people take charge of their financial destiny, epic things happen.  

Satrix, an ETF provider which has been developing funds for South African investors for over 20 years, and Capitec, a visionary bank that has changed the game of accessing financial services in this country, have come together to offer EasyEquities INVSTRs even more affordable access to the world of investing. 

From now until the end of July EasyEquities INVSTRs pay zero brokerage on any Satrix ETFs that they invest in via the Capitec widget. They also stand the chance of winning R1000 by making their first investment into any Satrix ETF. 

Ts and Cs apply

Invest cheaper 

Brokerage is the commission you would pay on the value of each investment you make. This fee, already set crazy low to ensure that the cost of investing isn't a barrier for investors, gets discounted even more (20%) when you invest via the Capitec widget - and it hits zero when you invest in any Satrix ETF until end July 2021.

The less you pay in fees, the more of your money gets invested and has the potential to grow in the markets.  

What is an ETF? 

ETF is short for Exchange Traded Fund.  

These are a collection of companies that you can invest in with just one transaction. They are considered a lower risk choice for investors because provide you with immediate diversification and are an easy way to get your hands on a portfolio based on a particular theme. Watch our quick video on ETFs or get to know a few of them better by watching one of our latest webinars: 

 Contestant Image 01-2Contestant Image 03-2Contestant Image 02-2Contestant Image 04-1

Who is Satrix? 

When it comes to ETFs, Satrix is a pioneer. Literally. They were the first company to bring ETFs to South Africa over 20 years ago. Since then they've been rolling out a variety of ETFs to suit the different needs of the investment community. They've also snagged a number of awards in the process, including their most recent win at the 2021 SALTAs which saw them take the People's Choice award for the fourth year running.  

How to invest in Satrix ETFs via the Capitec Widget:

  • Sign up for an EasyEquities account via the Capitec widget. If you already have one, here's how to link it
  • Log in and fund your account. You can do this with no wait time if you do an immediate transfer
  • Navigate to the "Invest" tab at the top middle of the page
  • Tap where it says "Investment Type" and select "ETFs"
  • Tap the search icon at the top right of the page and type Satrix.

Boom, you have 20 Satrix ETFs to choose from. 

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