Should I invest in a Managed Portfolio?

Managed portfolios

Giving someone else control when it comes to managing your investment portfolio is a huge relief for a lot of people, while others prefer to do it themselves. It’s up to you to decide what’s going to work best for your investment style. Here’s a few reasons why you may want to consider a managed investment bundle:

I don’t know where to start

You’ve decided that you’re going to start investing. You’re amped and ready to take charge of your financial future. And then you find yourself suddenly bombarded with a million questions and doubts: Where do I start? Do I buy shares? Which ones? How many? How much of each?  

Despite the fact that there are thousands of first time DIY investors out there who are creating portfolios that outperform benchmarks and asset managers, starting out can stun you with a bolt of analysis paralysis for sure.  Here’s where investing in a managed bundle can really help. Think of  it as sitting in the cockpit of a plane with a pilot, who can get you up in the air and plot the flightpath you need to help you reach your desired destination. They pick the mix of shares and Exchange Traded Funds in the amounts that they see fit based on their investing philosophy, and adjust them when they think it’s necessary. 

I want someone with all the smarts to look after my money

There might be a specific Asset Manager whose philosophy and style really gels with you, that you want to manage the ins and outs of your portfolio. 

Normally access to an expert like this comes at a hefty cost, which can erode at your returns over time or put you in a spot where you have to lay out a minimum chunk of money to start. This isn’t the case anymore. By using EasyEquities to invest you can access Asset Managers’ skill and experience in the markets with whatever amount you have available; with annualized fees that range between 0.5 and 2%.

Invest and Chill

Life is hectic, and for a lot of us adding another item like ‘Check on the performance of my share portfolio and adjust the weighting accordingly’ to a long to-do list feels like a mission. So owning an investment bundle, with complete sight of whats happening in your account whenever you want to, means you can invest your money and then kick back while someone else does the grind.