Being careful in social media times


The digital era has made us more ‘social’ with apps and platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and WhatsApp being hubs for fast interaction and connecting with like-minded strangers. That is why it’s important now, as ever, to be careful about what we believe, who we connect with, and trust.


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That is why we want to help you avoid the pitfalls that can come with social media and your finances. Here are the ways in which you can be more careful with your finances on social media:

  • Avoid oversharing
    Social media is great because it allows for a sense of community and sharing with one another. Unfortunately, scammers love to target people freely share their experiences or their keenness to learn.
    Be careful of who you let in and decide to engage with, and especially be careful of how much you share with them. Especially be careful of what you share financially with them. Avoid sharing details around your income, your account numbers, and be most careful about sharing your money with strangers.

  • Telegram groups are breeding grounds for unlicensed financial advisors
    A cool thing about Telegram is that it ensures a greater sense of privacy between people and what information they share. The other side of that coin is that it can shield unscrupulous people from accountability.
    As a result, we’ve found that many people have been part of groups and communities on Telegram led by unlicensed ‘advisors.’ This can also happen on other social media channels (through closed/private groups, or via open groups although those rarely last that long). EasyEquities does not operate closed or private groups, so this should be a red flag if you come across these types of communities.


  • Ensure you are dealing with only verified EasyEquities Twitter and Facebook account.
    Verified accounts on Twitter and Facebook will have a blue check next to their display name throughout the app.


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If you receive such an email or an unsolicited call, email, text or a social media post from anyone claiming to be from EasyEquities, please either contact us via submitting a support ticket. One of our agents will get back to you.