Keeping my retirement plans simple and low-cost with Nozi


When it comes to investing, keep it low-cost and keep it simple – a saying Nozipho likes to use when summarising her retirement strategy… keep it short and sweet.

Aside from specialising in software consultancy by profession, Nozipho van Heerden has a passion and love for anything related to blogging and vlogging about personal finance.

Her retirement plan includes Satrix 40 and CoreShares Total World ETF

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One of the investment vehicles that has captured the heart of Nozipho is exchange-traded funds (ETFs)🔥.

Explaining the benefits that come with investing through her tax-free savings account (TFSA) and retirement annuity(RA), Nozipho says:

“Any income on your investments in a TFSA and RA – including interest, dividends and capital gains earned – is not taxed. There's everything to love about tax-free money.”

Defined as a cool tax-savings combo, when it comes to her TFSA and RA, Nozipho says, “With retirement annuities, the money that you put IN reduces your taxable income. With TFSAs, the money that you take OUT is not taxed.”

In terms of retirement annuities, Nozipho has an eye for RAs that include low-cost index funds; these are funds (could be ETFs or Unit Trusts) that track an index like the S&P 500 she explained. 🔥

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Fees and diversification are among the key focus areas she looks at when investing in ETFs and other collective investments.

“The more diverse an ETF is (its holdings consist of many different companies from different sectors and industries) and the lower the fees (i.e., low total expense ratio), the better,” she explained.

Nozipho encourages young and new investors to start looking into financing their future today.

“One of the most expensive costs that you will pay over your entire career is tax. (South African income tax currently ranges from 18% to 45%!) Investment accounts like TFSAs and RAs not only give you the ability to invest for your future needs, but they also provide much needed tax relief.”

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