South African Listed Tracker Funds Awards ("SALTA") 2020

Well done to all the winners of the third SA Listed Tracker Funds Awards (SALTA) held at the Johannesburg Stock Exchange on 11 March 2019. SALTA showcased the best performing ETFs in South Africa for the period ending 29 February 2020, across a variety of criteria. If the awards are not cool enough, in celebration of the SALTA awards winners this past month EasyEquities has decide to make these winners Thrive, affording Thriving clients zero brokerage benefits on all SALTA Winners. To see who the SALTA winners are and which stocks you can now Thrive on see below:

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These awards recognise the leaders in the expanding and flourishing ETF industry for:

  • The best total investment returns for 3, 5 and 10 years in various categories.
  • The efficiency in tracking the indices which an ETF benchmarks.
  • Tradability.
  • The raising of new and additional capital on the JSE.
  • An award for the “favourite ETF” chosen by popular poll



In this award category, the focus is on total return performance.

Performance has been measured for a lump sum investment, on a total return, net asset value basis, with distributions reinvested. There are two periods of assessment – the one-year total return and the three-year total return, all to the end of February 2020.


 FOREIGN & COMMODITY - 3 YRS                    SA EQUITY - 3 YRS                            SA NON-EQUITY - 3 YRS


FOREIGN & COMMODITY - 5 YRS                   SA EQUITY - 5 YRS                            SA NON EQUITY - 5 YEARS       



 FOREIGN & COMMODITY - 10 YRS                  SA EQUITY - 10 YRS     



In this award category, ability to raise new capital was recognised – either additional capital for existing ETFs, or new capital for the listing of new ETFs. There are three awards – for South African ETFs, for Foreign and Commodity ETFs, and lastly an award for the ETF issuing house that raised the most net new capital in the 12 months to end February 2020.

           Absa_Logo_Primary_Identity_RGB_Passion-01                    EQU.ZA.NGPLT-1   EQU.ZA.STX40-3

         ISSUE HOUSE - 1 YR                      FOREIGN &COMMODITY - 1 YR                   SOUTH AFRICA - 1 YR

     Satrix LOGO   EQU.ZA.NGPLT-1   EQU.ZA.STX40-3

         ISSUE HOUSE - 3 YRS                  FOREIGN 7 COMMODITY - 3 YRS                 SOUTH AFRICA - 3 YRS



Trading efficiency can be measured by the average ratio of the volume of units traded, over the total units in issue.


 Foreign & Commodity  - 3 YRS                        SA EQUITY - 3 YRS   



This category recognises the efficiency of ETFs to deliver, as close as possible, the performance of their reference index. This is arguably one of the most important metrics by which an index tracker fund should be evaluated. The total return achieved by investing in an ETF over any given period should be as close as possible to the total return of the index over the same period.

The best tracking efficiency measured over three years, in the three asset categories were awarded.


FOREIGN & COMMODITY - 3 YRS                      SA EQUITY - 3 YRS                         SA NON - EQUITY 3 YRS



Out of 73 ETFs listed on the JSE 51 of them received votes for the people choice,with the winner::EQU.ZA.STX40-1



Winning Issuers and the awards won:

Satrix Managers (Pty) Ltd - Seven

Absa Capital (NewFunds) - Six


CoreShares -Three


1nvest - Two

Ashburton Investments -One

Sygnia Itrix (RF) (Pty) Ltd - One