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Let's end the year off with a BANG!!! We’re looking for a Brand Rockstar to join our brand team. Here’s how to raise your hand and let us know you’re keen on the role. No CV's peeps... Follow the guidelines in this post, and we’ll take it from there…

EasyEquities is an online platform that enables anyone to invest in the stock market. We do that by making the experience of investing easy and educational – no jargon, no complex charts to make you feel stupid and lots of content to help you get clued up about what investing means and how it can make a real difference in your life. We’re also really affordable – its part of our drive to lower barriers and create access to wealth creation.

We’re looking for a Brand Rockstar – We are looking for a zealous Brand Rockstar to support the Easy Brand Team of our company in its primary and administrative duties... The salary is market and experience-related. If you think this might be you...

You’ve got to be:

  • Someone who doesn’t need to be told what to do. You take the initiative. You run with things. You come up with ideas. You’re intuitive.
  • Be flexible, be a team player and get stuff done.
  • Part event manager, part marketer, part shmoozer.
  • As passionate about access and democratization as we are.
  • Swift – we’re a fin-tech company, and we are driven by constant innovation. You’ve got to be comfortable with a fast pace.
  • Down with the IT stuff – excel, outlook, word etc.

It’ll help if:

  • You’ve got the marketing experience.
  • You’re digitally savvy and engaged on social media.
  • You take your work very seriously, but not yourself.
  • You have any experience in content and email distribution platforms (E.g: HubSpot).
  • You have a way with words – the ability to write, speak and present.(You know how we do things at EASY).
  • You’re gaga for data.
  • Understanding company products.

The kind of stuff you’ll do is:

  • Brand Administrative Support.
  • Internal Brand Champion: Internal communications – making sure the company knows what's happening.
  • Events: Runner & Admin. It would be great if the person could be camera-ready.
  • Collaborating with the marketing managers & internal teams on marketing strategy.
  • Identifying trends on social media.
  • Helping to identify marketing trends and key opportunities for innovation.
  • Collaborating with the EasyEquities Brand managers & Internal Teams.

Please answer these questions. We’ll only follow up with those who give us well thought out responses. Apply your mind and make it count.

1. Check out the current #BackTheFlag campaign and tell us what you think. TIP: Apply your mind and think the Easy way.

2. Which member of the brand team do you resonate with the most and why?

3. If something doesn’t go according to plan, what do you do?

4. What do you think of our current social media presence? What would you improve?

5.Not a question... Send us a dope/cool picture of yourself.

Your answers can be as short or as long as you’d like and you can send them to brandassistant@easyequities.co.za.

This is NB, so we're going to go ahead and write it in caps and bold: NO CV's. We're only going to read applications that follow these guidelines. Or you can send us a dope vid of you answering the questions.

We will be in touch if your application is successful, there’s no need to follow up. If you haven’t heard from us by 6 December 2019, you can take it that your application has not been successful.

Please note: EasyEquities reserves the right to not appointment a Brand Rockstar.

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