What is a Bundle and how do they work?

When it comes to investing, sometimes it’s nice not to have to make every. single. decision. 

That’s why along with investing in single shares, you also have the option of invest in a collection of shares pre-selected by an asset manager. These are called Bundles. 

While you take it Easy… Your bundle creator will be buying or selling shares in a portfolio and re-adjusting weightings to keep the risk vs reward balance in check.

Bundle need to knows:

  • They contain preselected shares based on bundle strategy
  • A small bundle fee applies for the creator’s skill and rebalancing activities
  • They are bought as one transaction, and are reflected in one invoice
  • The shares or ETFs in the bundle are sold, bought and rebalanced where creator sees fit

When choosing a bundle that is right for you, it's important to remember that higher risk strategies may offer higher rewards. This means that the shares that have the potential to give you the biggest returns might also be the riskiest.

Whether you want to risk it for the biscuit or keep calm and stay conservative, that’s on you. Each bundle has been allocated a risk range, and you can use our risk assessment tool, Riskalyse, to help you better understand what risk range is most suited to you.   

Find and compare different bundles and check which ones are available in the different accounts by using our EasyWealth site.
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