AnBro Capital - International Unicorn Portfolio ETN


The AnBro Capital Investments International Unicorn portfolio ETN (Exchange Traded Note) just dropped in the EasyEquities landscape!

What is an ETN? 

Exchange Traded Notes (ETNs) are exchange-traded debt instruments that give investors access to a wide spectrum of assets. The investor lends money to the issuer of the ETN, usually a bank, and then receives a return based on the movements in a specific benchmark. Benchmarks can be based on interest rates, commodity prices, a basket of Shares or Bonds or a currency.

The product offers investors access to a diverse investment portfolio, made up of high growth companies which are mostly smaller by nature (Market Cap of below $25bn), have higher growth opportunities and long runways to grow at above rates.

We’ve chatted to Craig Antonie from AnBro to tell us more about the ETN and how it works. Listen to the Podcast here. 

Listen to the podcast

 Information Sheet

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