Are we rebounding from the Brexit Break Up?


In the August issue of InvestSA, some financial heavy weights commented on the global reaction to Brexit and the uncertainty that comes with it. Below are some key points highlighted by Colin McQueen, senior global fund manager at Sanlam Four; Craig Sher, head of research and product development at Discovery Invest; Paul Chakaduka, senior trader at GT Private Broking; Mark Ingham, an independent financial analyst; Cees Bruggemans, from consulting economist firm Bruggemans & Associates; Warren Buhai, portfolio manager in the Stanlib multi-asset team; Tom de Lange, chief investment officer at Emperor Asset Management, and Eben Mare, head of fixed income at Absa Asset Management. The article looks at: 

  • How this event has impacted various asset classes
  • Why investors are still urged to stay calm
  • Some thoughts on the global markets’ reaction time and recovery post Brexit
  • Volatility predictions moving forward

Get the full story here: The Brexit Break-Up

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