Are you on the “encentivized” program?!


You may have noticed that we joined forces with a staff rewards loyalty tool called Encentivize! If you missed the news, don’t stress the #Easy team has that covered!

Check out the full article here, our Head of Marketing (Almero Oosthuizen) explains all the nuts and bolts.


There are always to sides two the coin… this loyalty/rewards program is an awesome initiative and allows employees to make the most of their rewards for quality performance. What’s in it for the employer though? Almero explains, that “…from a listed company point of view, rewarding staff through shares is very powerful”. But why? Well it enables staff to become engaged and active shareholders, they are part of the bigger picture and no longer just a number at a desk.

That’s the benefit for a listed company, but it doesn’t stop there! There are a number of benefits, even for companies that aren’t listed entities.

Just ask Entelect. Heard of them? “Entelect assists the world’s best companies in the delivery of customised software solutions that differentiate them in the marketplace.” Check them out! Entelect believe in “Empowering” their Stakeholders, a piece on their website sums this up well “Entelect is committed to serving all stakeholders. This includes: Helping our staff reach their full potential and combining their strengths in a creative way in pursuit of a bigger purpose at Entelect; Engaging with our clients with passion, integrity and commitment, focusing on true value delivery; Serving our greater community by investing in and supporting the education and social upliftment of underprivileged South Africans.”

Entelect want to assist their staff to grow and become the best that they can be! One of the ways they are doing this is through using the encentivized program, actively rewarding their staff and allowing them to invest in the brands that they know and love.

If you are interested in joining the encentivize program drop Almero Oosthuizen from the #Easy team an email

Invest in your team mates and let them use their rewards as they please.

Happy investing and remember to keep yourself ‘encentivized’!