The deal on dividends. Word.


I can’t think about the word ‘dividends’ without a P Diddy baseline or a Jay Z beat thumping through my head. If anyone knows how to put their money where their mouths are it’s these lyrical masters and hip hop tycoons.

“You can tell I'm the illest cause my dividends is the biggest,” is how rap queen and business mogul Nicki Minaj spins how she sees her worth. In a lot of ways it’s the same in the investing space. A dividend is a sharing out of a portion of a company's earnings to its shareholders. The illest companies with high value shares give the biggest dividends to their investors. That’s why, if you want to be a real baller or shot caller, you need to get in on the investing game – it’s all about the Benjamins (or in our case the Mandelas?) baby! And now it’s hella #easy.

Not all companies choose to dish out the divs, but many do. So you can guess that when The Purple Group paid a dividend on 26 April, shareholders were proper chuffed. When peeps who own shares in Purple get a pay out of some of the profits (read: dividends) they get an additional stack of cash to add to their income. This money goes into their EasyEquities account as cash. What would you do with those hun’eds? Some crib upgrades? Sneaky holiday? Patron on ice? Maybe you take that cash and reinvest it like a #boss. Bottom line is, you can do whatever you like. “You know I have to make them dividends!” See? The Black Eyed Peas get it. Even R Kelly likes to “Live it up and count my dividends.”

To all the homies that got Purple divs - props for investing your hard earned cheese (read: money) in a company that is wowing its fans and proving to be one of the illest in the biz. Did you know that all Purple employees are also shareholders? They believe in the power of ownership, and more importantly the potential of Purple.

On the flip side and unlike in the hip hop game, you don’t need to roll a Bentley to get serious street cred when it comes to investing or buying shares. EasyEquities lets you buy the shares you want with whatever you have, even if that’s only 10 bucks. So don’t hate the player or the game because you too can start from the bottom and get here.