Bryan and Michelle Stewart are saving for their future are you?

Bryan and Michelle Stewart – both in their very-very early 30s – recently got married and have a very strong commitment to saving for their future.

"My parents started teaching me about saving and investments when I was quite young," says Michelle. "Each month a portion of our allowance was put into an equities savings account."

Bryan's investment journey started more recently, in 2012, when he started his first job after finishing varsity.

"I needed to build up some cash and found that investing in equities was the best way to grow my money," he says. 

We asked Bryan and Michelle some questions about their investments, to see how their answers correlate with each other. Here's what they said…Anything specific you are saving for?

Bryan: I have many goals and focus on one or two at a time. Right now I am concentrating on maximising my tax free savings. Future-Bryan will be very happy about this!

Michelle: Bryan and I are looking at achieving some of our travel goals next year.

What’s your strategy when it comes to putting money aside for investing?

Bryan: I save or invest first every month, then pay my other expenses.

Michelle: I save a third of my salary with a recurring debit order

How long have you been using EasyEquities?

Bryan: Time flies, it’s been nearly two years now.

Michelle: About two years now.

What was the first share you bought?

Bryan: Purple Group

Michelle: Naspers

How do you pick companies/products to invest in?

Bryan: I use index trackers for the bulk of my portfolio, they offer low costs and easy diversification.

Michelle: I think the best way to buy is investing in the shares/brands that you know and love. 

Which share/ ETF/ investment product has given you the best returns so far?

Bryan: I made some money on Lonmin in 2015 during all the chaos.

Michelle: Dischem

How have your perceptions about investing changed over the years?

Bryan: It's important to assess your financial plans the same way you do your health – it should be a priority and not last minute.

Michelle: I've realised that life happens and investments allows you a degree of freedom to for example go on holiday, pay for car services or furnish a new home.

What’s the one thing that would really surprise people about investing if they haven’t started yet?

Bryan: The power of compound returns is phenomenal as your investments grow.

Michelle: Probably how easy it is to do, and that the returns can be great.

What advice would you give to a first time investor?

Bryan: Get started! It’s not as scary as you think.

Michelle: Try it! EasyEquities is the best way to get started. Invest a small amount at first and choose shares that you know and watch them grow. Also, patience is important. If your shares are making a loss, don't panic. The market works in cycles and what goes down eventually comes up again.

What for you makes the EasyEquities experience different from other investment platforms?

Bryan: EasyEquities makes investing quick and easy, no paperwork, no fuss. 

Michelle: The user interface makes the experience more engaging. I love that you can pick your shares by looking at their logos.