Did you know - how InvestSure works


If a company you have invested in is accused of fraud (or most other illegal activities!) you can be paid a claim IMMEDIATELY after suffering more than a 10% loss, with the InvestSure risk management product?

EasyEquities and InvestSure partnered up in 2018, shortly after the Steinhoff scandal, to allow EasyEquities clients to protect their long term investments against any Steinhoff-type losses.

Importantly, no proof of fraud is needed for you to receive your money. In that case, almost no one would be paid out, as these things are rarely convicted in South Africa. Take Steinhoff for instance, Markus Jooste roams free despite a 95%+ loss in share price.

InvestSure therefore gives you immediate pay out, without the need for a conviction – a HUGE innovation in the stock market risk management world.

InvestSure is used by a wide range of EasyEquities clients, from professional fund managers to first time investors investing their first 50 bucks.

How exactly does it work? Simple – insure your investment against this risk (See “Review insurance” option on your account holdings).

InvestSure have paid out on 12 different claimable events in 2 years. What’s the biggest loss a client has been saved from so far? 55%!

How InvestSure Works

Annual cover costs R6 for every R1,000 you have invested – not a bad deal at all!


The InvestSure Team