Carly Barnes: Don't Be Intimidated By Your Finances, Own Them. Slay Them!


Carly Barnes is a marketer, singer, investor, flexitarian and world wanderer. She studied music and live performance at AFDA and went on to start an industrial theatre business, write for a few magazines (some glossy, some niche) and make magic in the PR and content creation space. Passionate about storytelling, the role of EasyEquities brand manager had her at ‘Hello’; and she started working at Purple Group in 2016. In her free time Carly practices playing the ukulele, works out, and spends time in nature. She’s also passionate about empowering women, especially in the investing space. Excited to be part of a team which is breaking new ground for South Africans with low cost, friendly investing, Carly makes sure newbie and seasoned investors alike are welcomed warmly to #TeamEasy. In this interview she talks to us about her money habits.  

Are you worried about the recession and what are you doing to remain positive about your financial well-being during these tough times?

I think the word ‘recession’ is scary for anyone, but when these things happen (and they do), it’s also a great opportunity to ‘check yourself before you wreck yourself’. Taking an honest, hard look at your finances is something we should be doing on the regular anyway, and it can be a truly empowering and revealing exercise. I’ve recently gone on a mission to be more responsible and proactive with where my money goes; I’ve called this mission #survivaltothrival. Part of this journey has been really looking at what I spend each month, and realizing there’s a lot of stuff I can live without and a lot more opportunity to save and invest than I thought. You don’t know what you don’t know, and so for me despite approaching a less than ideal financial climate getting that perspective has made me even more than optimistic – I’m excited.

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