How Apple Took the Tech World


It’s hard to imagine a world without iPhones, Apple TV or iTunes anymore – Apple has certainly cemented itself as a household name and a forerunner in creating internet driven tech. The company is also responsible for a few other breakthroughs – like bringing sexy back, remember those clunky pre-90’s PC’s? Apple computer’s smooth lines and aluminium curves were a real shake up.

If you want to talk trends, all you need do is take a look at the upswing of Apple’s share price.  And the company’s success is not all about the iPhone (which turns 10 this year FYI), despite the fact that the smartphone industry is a boom in itself and looks to keep its momentum. There’s a lot more to think about like its growing services sector and profit projections. 

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Heard of Warren Buffet? He’s widely considered as one of the most successful investors in the world.

Here’s a quick vid from Bloomburg, on why he invested over $1 Bn in Apple in 2016.

Apple vid.jpeg