EasyEquities App Update: at an App Store or Play Store near you.


As part of our ongoing commitment to provide the best investing experience, we are stoked to announce updates to our iPhone and Android apps. This new app brings the EasyEquities experience you know and love, straight to your palm.

Nestled on the home screen, view your portfolio performance all at once, no more tapping or scrolling on the account selector to view your different accounts, no more excel spreadsheets to calculate your total portfolio size and returns or losses (if there are any😉). What's more, you can add stocks and ETFs to your watchlist.

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While an old feature in the form of notifications make a return to the app, we've got a new functionality to bring your investing experience closer to real-time. Our new trade ticket allows you to view a live snapshot of share prices when you buy and use your EasyCredits on the platform. What's more, the app now takes advantage of the “order buy type”, making it much better investment experience for our avid EasyVestors… Buy at “market order” or “limit order”, the choice is now yours.

Almero, the head honcho of UX, is focused on adding even more shine to EasyEquities with new features and services. EasyEquities is also looking forward to introducing EasyEquities Australia, providing wider access to financial markets. We can’t wait to reveal what else is in STOCK for you EasyVestors. 


“EasyEquities: At an App or Play Store Near You” – Some Brand Guy

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Happy Investing!

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