Snapshot live prices on EasyEquities


You've probably read all about the EasyApp updates we've made to the platform, but there's even more to salivate over. Live price snapshots have made their debut on the platform. As you may have already known, prices shown on EasyEquities were delayed by 15 minutes – to keep costs low. You can read all about why prices are delayed in this FAQ article.  

Following requests from many users who wished to see live prices, we've made it possible to view an instrument's latest price in a snapshot. With the click of a button, we'll update the prices of a particular stock to the second you hit the button. We'll even timestamp it for you. 

This feature is currently available in your EasyEquities ZAR, TFSA, and AUD accounts. 

How it works:

You will need EasyCredits, which you can buy starting at R10 for 50 credits, and up to 250 credits for R20!   

By comparison, other platforms may charge you at least R60 excluding VAT to view live prices, and Team Easy is proud to have found a way around that while keeping costs low.  

Why? Because that's just what we do – Easy aims to remove barriers to investing.

New trade ticket

We're also making changes in how you buy shares on the platform: you can decide to continue purchasing according to the cash you have to invest, or according to the amount of shares you wish to hold. There is no right or wrong way – but purely a matter of preference for investors.

Give the new trade ticket and price snapshot a try when the markets open. Log into your account to check out the brand spanking new additions.

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