EasyEquities Born2Run at the Comrades Marathon - Justin Pearse


With less than a week to go before the start of the 2018 Comrades Marathon the hype is building for all runners local and international. We want to showcase some of our runners (elite, social and development) in our fantastic club EasyEquities Born2Run that are taking part in the ultimate human race (the Comrades Marathon) this year. We believe in democratising share ownership, helping people find their financial freedom and sharing our passion for investing in their health.

This year's motto for the Comrades Marathon is ASIJIKI - which means no turning back! 

Investing in health and people! why it matters to us

  • Sport helps give you a sense of direction and freedom
  • Sport brings people together and helps people find a common purpose
  • Sport empowers, inspires and motivates individuals

Whether you are taking part on the field, road or on our EasyEquities platform. If you are looking after your future, that’s what matters to us most!

Join us in supporting our EasyEquities Born2Run club members taking part in the Ultimate Human Race on 10 June 2018.

Today we are showcasing a legend, one of our social runners, EasyEquities user and EasyEquities  employee - Justin Pearse

We asked Justin the following questions to find out why more about him:

How did you get into running?

Post school had always run 5-7km distances multiple times a week. In 2003 ran my first half-marathon in Joburg and in 2007 decided to run my first marathon in London, following that with another London, a New York and Berlin. Coming back to South Africa, the next logical steps were Two-Oceans and Comrades in my first year back in 2012. In Europe, people in the running community are super-impressed if you’ve run a marathon. In South Africa, runners are bizarrely not that impressed unless you’ve run a Comrades.

Why did you choose EasyEquities Born2Run?

I work at the Purple Group and love everything about our EasyEquities business and how we’re making investing available to everyone. Once our business got involved with the club, I couldn’t possibly run for anyone else.

What is the best race you have ever had?

The word ‘best’ elicits two thoughts from me. 1. The best performance, and 2. The most enjoyable. My best ever performance was probably by marathon PB of 3hr39 in Berlin in 2011. The race I most enjoyed, was probably my New York marathon run, just because of the enormity of the experience of starting on Staten Island and then running through the five boroughs of the famous city. It’s really something anyone should grab the chance of doing if they get it.

FamilyPic Scarborough

Most memorable moment in racing career?

Probably the excitement of my first marathon. I was really privileged for that to be one of the worlds greats in the London Marathon and the thrill and excitement of completing my first was an amazing feeling. I was a bit peeved that I walked for about 5 minutes – which after the event I knew I hadn’t needed to do – but that soon disappeared under feelings of pride.

What are your strengths?

I can’t think of any particular strengths. I think I’m more of an all rounder.

Fastest 5, 10, 21,1km, 42.2km

No idea on my fastest 5. 45.35 (I think) for 10km. 1hr 36 for 21 (Knysna half-marathon). 3hr 39 for marathon (Berlin) and 9hr 20 for Comrades.

What is your occupation, and what do you do in your spare time?

I head up the Client Services division in the Purple Group, ensuring as slick, quick and efficient a resolution of client queries as possible. In my spare time I train for and partake in ultra-marathons of various types (Running, cycling, triathlons). I have an endurance sport alter-ego called Ultrabloke, through which I blog (on http://ultrabloke.com/category/comrades-marathon/) about my exploits. I’m excited to be launching a podcast in the next week or two and already have Sibusiso Vilane, Hazel Moller and some other exciting guests interviewed. I also DJ (Deep House) as a hobby.

Do you have a specific diet?

No. It’s the one component of my training I’ve never approached as diligently as other areas. I think that’s probably because I feel I eat pretty healthily in general, but definitely think there are potential benefits to be gained in future.

Where do you draw mental strength from/think about when under pressure that helps you cross the line?

I don’t know. My best mate throughout school and varsity always said I was a stubborn b@stard and that if I started something I wouldn’t finish. I always thought he was just being mean, but I think there is some truth in that. That and if I think back to all the big races I’ve partaken in, I’ve always prepared bloody hard. Preparation is key. You’ve got to get to the start line knowing you put in the work. That helps a lot when doubt enters the mind.

What do you think running has taught you that you can use in the world outside sport/running?

That you can use in the world outside sport/running? I’ve been able to apply the discipline of training hard towards a seemingly unfathomable goal (when you originally set it) to other areas of my life.

Have you started investing?

Of course, yes. I’m 46 so feeling like I’m about the age when youngsters can call me a bit of a ballie. If I hadn’t invested by now my future would be in serious trouble.

How would you relate running to investing?

You often hear people say that investing is not a sprint, it’s a marathon. Well I think the saying is particularly apt when you apply it to ultra-marathons. You will experience doubts at various stages of the journey, during which you need be calm and stay the course. Provided you follow some of the core investment philosophies (minimise costs, minimise the effect of tax, diversify your holdings etc) and can remain calm, you can see out dips in the market and ultimately grow your wealth over time.

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