Easy goes international (io)


EasyEquities will be migrating its website domain to '.io' from its previous '.co.za' designation. The .io domain is assigned to the British (Indian Ocean) Territory.

With EasyEquities opening its Australian operations, the business has decided to make the digital move to international territory official. This has no material affect on the platform nor on clients. In fact, you will even be automatically redirected should you still try to visit platform.easyequities.co.za, so there's no admin of having to update your bookmarks.

This minor change is not just for cosmetics, however. 

This update to .io means that Google will serve our ads to a wider and more international audience, and that means we can get far more people investing, whether they're in Chechnya or Brazil. A wider audience could translate to more business, which works well for our community and its investors. 

Other than that opportunity, it's business as usual on the EasyEquities platform. If you want to know more about this domain, you can read up on it via this Wikipedia page. Even though we're bidding farewell to the South African domain, we're still proudly South African 😉 . 

Dramatic PSA done, but do keep your eyes and ears peeled for more platform updates and news coming out.