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While investing may seem daunting as a new investor, we have got some help for you in the form of research and insights from the pros. We have enlisted the help of independent researchers and market analysts to help you make the right picks for your portfolio. Our researchers not only have insights on what to buy, they have highlight the stocks you may want to avoid. 

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Mark Ingham, the grooviest analyst you could ever come across, compiles his analyses based on market news, new and traditional investment strategies, and what's hot in the markets. You can also join in the fun by voting for the stocks you'd like to see Mark write about via the weekly polls we host on our Twitter page

You can check out some of Ingham's latest recommendations below. 

Capitec-Fundamental-Analysis"Rallying round"

Consol"Ciao private equity, hello (again) JSE"

Ingham retail note
"Trolley for Trolley"

Ingham VAT note
"Keeping calm in taxing times"

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