Palesa Lengolo on Stokvels in South Africa


In the third and final entry of our Stokvel series we interviewed EasyEquities INVSTR, businesswoman and Stokvel advocate, Palesa Lengolo, about Stokvels in the investment space. The founder of Palengo Holdings: an investment and small business venture capitalist group, sat down with us to discuss the relatively untouched potential in this type of collective investment organisations.

While Stokvels are traditionally seen as informal organisations with one collectivised financial objective, Palesa highlights that we’re seeing a break from the old ways.

In the interview with the superwoman we look at just what makes Stokvels unique, and how the financial industry is beginning to recognise Stokvels as legitimate financial organisations.

Watch a portion of the interview with Palesa: 

You can listen to the full podcast and interview here:

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2021 Update

Palesa joined us on our Easy Does It podcast to speak Stokvels, but we think you should give it a listen as well to see the progress being made in the SA financial landscape: 


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