ETF Dividends April 2022

Everyone loves a dividend payout. With dividends available from Satrix, 1nvest and FNB, make sure to make the most of your Easter ETF dividends this April.

To qualify for dividends you need to be invested in the specific ETFs before markets close on 19th April 2022. See the table below for which ETFs are paying dividends on the 25th April 2022 and how much they are paying.

Some important terminology to understand:

Declared Date

Date the ETF dividends were declared.


Ex-Date is the date after the LDT date. This is the date that confirms when the share starts trading excluding dividends. If you trade on/after this date you aren't included in the payment.

Last day to trade the ETF in order to be eligible for the distribution.

Payable Date
This is the date the fund will pay a dividend.

JseCode  ISIN  Name Declared Date  Ex-Date Last Date to  Trade Payable Date Amount (cents)
ETFGGB  ZAE000255188 1nvest Global Government Bond Feeder ETF  12-Apr-2022  20-Apr-2022  19-Apr-2022  25-Apr-2022  13.91
ETFGRE  ZAE000255196 1nvest Global REIT Feeder ETF  12-Apr-2022  20-Apr-2022  19-Apr-2022  25-Apr-2022  7.47
ETFSAP  ZAE000279238 1nvest SA Property Portfolio ETF  12-Apr-2022  20-Apr-2022  19-Apr-2022  25-Apr-2022  19.94
ETFSWX  ZAE000279220 1nvest SWIX 40 Portfolio ETF  12-Apr-2022  20-Apr-2022  19-Apr-2022  25-Apr-2022  10.62
ETFT40  ZAE000279212 1nvest TOP 40 Portfolio ETF  12-Apr-2022  20-Apr-2022  19-Apr-2022  25-Apr-2022  91.12
STX40  ZAE000027108 Satrix 40 ETF  12-Apr-2022  20-Apr-2022  19-Apr-2022  25-Apr-2022  69.48
STXIND  ZAE000036364 Satrix Capped Indi ETF  12-Apr-2022  20-Apr-2022  19-Apr-2022  25-Apr-2022  29.95
STXDIV  ZAE000102018 Satrix Divi Plus ETF  12-Apr-2022  20-Apr-2022  19-Apr-2022  25-Apr-2022  3.93
STXFIN  ZAE000036356 Satrix FINI 15 ETF  12-Apr-2022  20-Apr-2022  19-Apr-2022  25-Apr-2022  7.78
STXPRO  ZAE000240131 Satrix Property ETF  12-Apr-2022  20-Apr-2022  19-Apr-2022  25-Apr-2022  3.91
STXRES  ZAE000078622 Satrix Resi ETF  12-Apr-2022  20-Apr-2022  19-Apr-2022  25-Apr-2022  132.16
STXSWX  ZAE000078580 Satrix SWIX Top 40 ETF  12-Apr-2022  20-Apr-2022  19-Apr-2022  25-Apr-2022  9.82
FNBINF  ZAE000215331 FNB Inflation ETF   13-Apr-2022  20-Apr-2022  19-Apr-2022  25-Apr-2022  15.4
FNBMID  ZAE000215349 FNB MidCap ETF   13-Apr-2022  20-Apr-2022  19-Apr-2022  25-Apr-2022  4.49
FNBT40  ZAE000215364 FNB Top 40 ETF  13-Apr-2022  20-Apr-2022  19-Apr-2022  25-Apr-2022  72.18
STXGBD  ZAE000289526 Satrix Global Aggregate Bond ETF  12-Apr-2022  20-Apr-2022  19-Apr-2022  25-Apr-2022  17.39
STXIFR  ZAE000301586  Satrix Global Infrastructure Feeder ETF  12-Apr-2022  20-Apr-2022  19-Apr-2022  25-Apr-2022  22.58
STXID  ZAE000300570 Satrix Inclusion & Diversity ETF  12-Apr-2022  20-Apr-2022  19-Apr-2022  25-Apr-2022  8.49
STXMMT  ZAE000264008 Satrix Momentum Portfolio ETF  12-Apr-2022  20-Apr-2022  19-Apr-2022  25-Apr-2022  5.33
STXQUA  ZAE000247987 Satrix Quality South Africa Portfolio  12-Apr-2022  20-Apr-2022  19-Apr-2022  25-Apr-2022  13.76
STXRAF  ZAE000126033 Satrix RAFI 40 Index ETF portfolio  12-Apr-2022  20-Apr-2022  19-Apr-2022  25-Apr-2022  7.04
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