Dedication & Commitment in Investing with Louis Reynhardt


How are you spending your Na Enjoyment? 😎 Defining what investing is to him, our EasyVSTR Louis says that investing is a lifelong dedication to buying assets that may increase in value.

At the age of 26, Louis Reynhardt started securing the bag with local and international companies. These investment vehicles differ from Exchange-traded funds (ETFs), Listed companies, REITs and properties through EasyProperties. "I am a calculated risk-taker and believe that life's too short to play it safe," he said 😎

Beyond just being a risk-taker, he has a passion for self-development, for himself and those around him through his YouTube channel. Louis loves reading a book or two and believes that one of the things that contribute to self-development includes networking with like-minded people - something he does regularly. πŸ‘Œ 

But how did this all begin?

"The first time I invested was when I heard an ad on OFM when EasyEquities launched around 2014. I invested the R50 sign up bonus, and from there, I was hooked." he explained. Since then, he has been heavily investing, especially over the last two years.

Three of his favourite shares are MTN, NVIDIA, and The Coca Cola Company.

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Before Louis invests, he takes time to understand the business model of the company he invests in. "I will research what a company does and how they generate money. I make sure to invest in only companies that I understand and have a long-term competitive advantage", he added.

The fundamentals include calculating financial ratios like acid test (quick ratio), debt to equity ratio, net operating margin, etc.

"A company needs to have great yields for me to invest in them for the long term.  I look for companies with little to no debt and that have retained earnings and stock buybacks with a lot of free cash flow. These can all be indicators of a company with a long term competitive advantage."

Exploring the Tax-Free Environment through this TFSA Account Louis is also invested in Satrix S&P 500 ETF, Sygnia S&P 500 ETF, Invest SA Property REIT.

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And while his investment portfolio may not be limited to only his favourite companies mentioned, ensuring not to lose money is one money rule Louis believes in. "Make calculated investments with a good margin of safety to maximize your returns."


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